Mono Bendable

Bendable MONO implants are specifically used in basal bone on upper and lower jaws and are designed for immediate prosthetic loading for bridges and bar connectors. The implants are one-piece implants having an RBM treated bone condensing thread, machined straight narrow collar and abutment. A square key section (patent pending) between the implants thread and collar enables direct insertion torque to the implant thread (using a special driver) thus bypassing the insertion torque having been transferred through the collar when applied to the abutment key.  The collar dimensions are designed to bend up to 45 deg when a bending torque is applied to the abutment. In appropriate clinical conditions MONO implants may be loaded immediately.

Material: Titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI)
Treatment: RBM


  • Used alternatively to screwable abutments in two-piece dental implant designs.
  • The one-piece design saves expense and time and minimises the problem of screw loosening.
  • Is made of the highly fracture-resistant 
  • Ti6AI4V ELI titanium alloy.


  • Abutment for immediate loading.
  • Bendable neck for abutment alignment.
  • Different diameters 
  • Unique thread for immediate insertion.  

Clinical Challenge 
Can give us a solution for narrow ridge.

Technical Specifications

Mono Bendable Components

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