Cortical implants provide good stability for immediate loading. Its sharp, deep threads provide extremely strong retention for primary implant stability. The threads’ location gives stability in the cortical bone. 

The Cortical system can be used in extraction sites for immediate implantation. Cortical is available in different sizes to suit any implantation site. 

Material: Titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI)
Treatment: RBM


  • Developed after many years of combined experience especially for immediate loading in conditions of insufficient bone.
  • Intended for cases with narrow ridges of sockets with less than 4 walls.
  • The threads are orthogonal to the occlusion load.
  • Greater resistance to the lateral mechanical stress.
  • Smooth neck for reduction of plaque accumulation and improved oral hygiene conditions.


  • 2.43mm hexagon smooth neck to prevent bacterial adhesion.
    RBM treated surface.
  • Sharp and deep threads, orthogonal to the occlusion load, for remarkable stability.


Clinical Challenge
A solution for narrow ridge, combination ridge atomy and for immediate extraction sites. 

Technical Specifications

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