Noris Medical Teaming Up with Evolve

Noris Medical is proud to announce its teaming up with Evolve – a western NY state dental company to distribute implants in North America

Israeli dental firm partners with Evolution Dental in WNY

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By Tracey Drury

A Buffalo dental lab has signed a deal that brings a leading Israeli medical device company to North America.

The partnership calls for Evolution Dental Science to house the U.S. sales and distribution headquarters of Noris Medical, one of Israel’s largest manufacturers of implants and dental devices.

Officials from both companies on Wednesday morning said the deal will bring 25-40 jobs to the region over the next few years, while creating new business opportunities for both companies across the country.

“These are bleeding-edge technology jobs,” said J.J. Siepierski, co-owner and vice president of sales at Evolution. “This company is all about innovation. Noris Medical is doing business on every continent but here. They chose to work with us and have their North American operation set up here in Western New York.”

In addition to housing up to $1 million in implant technology inventory at the Aero Drive facility, Evolution will also provide education and training for dentists and oral surgeons on-site.

Rami Siev, CEO at Noris, traveled to Buffalo this week from Israel with several colleagues to sign the deal. He said the company had initially considered entering the U.S. market on its own before being introduced to Evolution through David Sklarski, a longtime industry executive who was hired late last year as president/CEO for Noris Medical USA.

“He recommended we do it with Evolution since they are very well known in the business,” Siev said. “We share a vision on digitizing the market. And with their breakthrough marketing attitude, that will really bring us very (quickly) to be one of the leading companies in the implant business in the states.”

Sklarski, who remains based in the Boston-area for now, called Evolution one of the most progressive dental laboratories in the industry.

“They have a vision to take the laboratory industry beyond where it currently is and that dovetailed really well with what Rami wanted to do with his product line,” he said.

Founded in 2010, privately-owned Noris Medical also has operations in China, India, Russia and Italy. Noris manufactures several types of implant systems, including a zygomatic system designed for patients with bone loss who have few options other than dentures.

“What attracted us to Noris is their implant system, the most complete system on the market,” said Andy Jakson, co-owner and CEO. “They really care about the whole experience, not just an implant, but the whole experience of how to deliver it.”

Evolution Dental manufactures and distributes of dentures, implants and other dental products through a network of dental practice customers across the country. The Aero Drive space currently houses about 40 workers, including staffers from related companies LifMCO; LifDental; and Evolve Dentistry, a digital CAD/CAM solution for dental practitioners.

Plans are underway to renovate about 4,000 square feet of the 15,500-square-foot facility to add inventory and logistics space and a stadium-seating education center. Future plans could include manufacturing space for Noris, which would give the company access to markets and cut distribution costs.