EZgoma® – Sistema di chirurgia guidata zigomatica


Guided Surgery for Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implants

Let Noris Make the guide,
so you can go and execute the surgical work flow and have an “easy” case…..EZgoma®


EZgoma® is a pioneering patented guided surgery system, developed by Noris Medical to assist in complex zygomatic and pterygoid implant procedures.
For the first time, dental surgeons can plan the zygomatic and pterygoid implant procedure ahead of time and execute it precisely guided, based on the patient’s CT scan, instead of conducting it in a blind free-hand style.
Using proprietary 3D software and the patient’s CAT scan, we create a surgical guide made of Titanium, that fits perfectly onto the patient’s Maxilla. Supported by the designated EZgoma® Surgical Kit, the drilling process is achieving the most precise procedure and results available to clinicians today. 

Challenges addressed

Zygomatic and pterygoid implant surgeries are among the most complicated in the dental field and are normally conducted only by experienced and specialized dental surgeons. 

Intended to address cases of severe bone loss and low bone quality, these implants bring a quality of life to patients who could never enjoy them before.
Nevertheless, these are challenging procedures that require placing long implants in the deeper areas of the skull, such as the cheekbones, in order to anchor and maintain the implant. It is therefore paramount that the surgeon conducts a procedure that is highly precise in order to ensure optimal results and to avoid complications such as nerve damage or punctuation of the eye.
The EZgoma® Surgical Guide Construction Process
The clinician conducts a CT scan of the patient’s Maxilla according to preset protocols provided by Noris Medical, in order to generate a correct scan at the right field of view and resolution. The DICOM is then transferred to Noris Medical.
The Noris Digital team, in cooperation with the referring clinician, evaluate the scan and analyze the patient’s condition. Utilizing the EZplan 3D software, they position the implants according to the patient’s physiological attributes such as bone structure and density, location of nerve canals and position of future teeth reconstruction for excellent prosthetic characteristics.
In case of existing patient’s denture, thus are scanned separately and imported into the EZplan software to plan the implants according to the actual teeth positions in the mouth, ensuring a perfect fit.
Once plan is approved by the clinician, Noris fabricates a sturdy yet super thin Titanium-made EZgoma guide. The guide itself contains grooves and marks for guiding the drill to the precise location, angle, and depth.
After exposing the bone, the clinician positions the EZgoma guide within the patient’s Maxilla and securing it using special screws. During the procedure, the clinician is able to drill precisely the osteometry to the preplanned location, angle, and depth, place the implant, finishing with mounting the Multi Unit Abutments to the preplanned angle, before removing the guide. Once done, all is left to do is sawing the soft tissue and immediate load the adjusted/prefabricated denture.


  • Innovative first of its kind solution
  • Plan ahead of time for optimal results
  • Unparalleled precision
  • Increased safety and minimized surprises
  • An easier procedure for both for the patient and the surgeon
  • A shorter operation/process.
  • Increased confidence for both the clinician and patient
  • Immediate Loading of prefabricated temporary bridge, due to expected precision.

Clinical Case

Full Arch Case of severe Atrophic Maxilla using the EZgoma® – Zygomatic Guided Technology
Surgeon: Prof. Ziv Mazor / Lab Tech: Gustavo Skladnik (DentexLab) 
Surgery Planning: Rami Siev / Digital Planning: Ilan Sapir
EZgoma® – Zygomatic Guided Technology enabling a quick precise minimally invasive Extra Maxillary and Intra Sinus drilling protocol execution for Zygomatic implants placement as well as Pterygoid and regular implants.
All components, Implants, and Prosthetics are directed by the guide to an accurate pre-planned position and orientation.
Freehand execution of Zygomatic and Pterygoid implants require special knowledge skills and experience.
Unlike ridge related angles for regular implantation, Zygomatic implants angles are related to the Inferior Orbital rim, alveolar ridge, the maxillary sinus lateral wall and the Zygomatic bone itself. Pterygoid Implants angle trajectory is related to the tuberosity, the maxillary sinus and the medial plate of the sphenoid bone.
Both procedures are 3D angle trajectory-based and are challenging to perform.
Noris Medical EZgoma® (Patented) Guided technology enables a time-saving and accurate execution for the most complicated atrophic maxilla cases.
Noris Medical Zygomatic Implants and instrumentation greatly simplifies the Drilling Protocol and Implant and Prosthetic placement. High torque is consistently achieved, allowing immediate placement of a screw-retained prosthesis.

Is it possible? Accomplishing a full arch osteotomy using Quad Zygoma Implants,
Two Pterygoids and Lateral Implants in 90 minutes?? – Yes it is!!!

“EZgoma®” GUIDED technology for Zygomatic and Pterygoid implantation

Surgical Guided Set for EZgoma®

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