Treatment Options

There may be indications when losing your tooth does not require dental treatment, for example, occlusion remains very stable (that is, the jaws close firmly and the teeth aren’t displaced). In many cases, however, there are treatment options available to compensate for tooth loss.

  • If the missing teeth are visible when you smile, or if your dentist is concerned about adjacent teeth moving, making a bridge that rests on the adjacent teeth mayinjure those teeth.
  • If there is widespread lack of teeth or no teeth at all, your dentist may recommend an optionusing a removable prosthesis. This prosthesis, when combined with existing teeth, may damage the gum and the teeth attachedto it.

Implants present an especially advantageous reconstruction option for single,multiple, or full tooth loss.Your dentist or oral surgeon determines the type of implant treatment you need based on a numerous factors: number and location of teeth, condition of the bone, general health, need for prosthetics, and more.