Live Implant Surgical Workshop: “Cortical Implants – A Lifesaver you can Rely on” with Prof Dr Johnson Raja

27 June, 2021 | Virtual Workshop

We invite you to join a

Virtual Workshop with Live Surgical Relay​:
“Cortical Implants – A Lifesaver you can Rely on”
with Prof. Dr. Johnson Raja James

Date: June 27th , 2021
Time: 10 am to 1.30 pm (India Time)
Language of the course: English

About the Workshop

One of the unique designs in the Noris series is the cortical implants specifically designed for extraction sockets and narrow ridges with aggressive threading for high stability . Immediate extraction and implant placement is one area where cortical implants score over other implant designs due to its thread and neck design.

Program Objectives

We will discuss in detail the case scenarios were cortical implants can be used. Implant design will be discussed along with correct drilling protocols.

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