Interactive Hands-On Model Workshop: EZgoma® zygomatic guided surgery | Presented by Prof. Francesco Zingari

05-15 November, 2022 | Bonn, Germany

Interactive Hands-On Model Workshop

EZgoma® Zygomatic Guided Surgery

Presented by: Prof. Francesco Zingari

Date: November 5, 2022
Location:  Bonn, Germany


Participants will learn the steps to be followed to duly plan and perform an EZgoma® case with zygomatic implants and successfully treat patients suffering from the severely atrophic jaw.
It will be explained how to import DICOM files into the guided surgery software and match them with STL files from diagnostic wax-ups.
During the Hands-On session, participants will work on a real case 3D model. Under the monitoring of tutors, they will perform the step-by-step drilling protocol until the implant insertion, with the support of the customized EZgoma® guides throughout the process.

Course Objectives

  • Overview of surgical anatomy
  • Traditional Guided Surgery Vs Zygomatic Guided Surgery
  • Digital prosthetic planning:
  • DICOM – STL file matching for a correct use of the guided surgery software
  • Use of the guided surgery software for an accurate zygomatic implant insertion
  • Hands-On session performed by participants on 3D models with EZgoma® surgical guides


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