Interactive 4-Day Live Patient Workshop: “Immediate Implant Placement of Severely Atrophic Cases” with Dr. Vishy Broumand | Dr. Dan Holtzclaw | Dr. Mike Pham

25-28 February, 2021 | USA

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Interactive 4-Day Live Patient Workshop:
“Immediate Implant Placement of Severely Atrophic Cases”

Presented by:
Dr. Vishy Broumand, DMD, MD
Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, DDS, MS
Dr. Mike Pham, DDS

Date: February 25th-28th, 2021

JW Marriott Exhibit Hall
Desert Ridge Oral Surgery Institute,
Phoenix, AZ, US

Course Description:

The course is a four-day course. Dr. Vishy Broumand will be teaching the zygomatic portion, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw will be teaching the pterygoid portion, and Dr. Mike Pham will be teaching the digital workflow.

The ultimate dental implant challenge is the reconstruction of the severely resorbed Maxilla especially in patients with multiple previous failed attempts at dental implant placement and full-arch implant rehabilitation.

Zygomatic implants were first used for reconstruction of large Maxillofacial defects, now they are commonly used in patients with terminal dentition with atrophic Maxillary bone to provide implant-retained fixed and removable prosthesis utilizing the Zygomatic bones to anchor the dental implants.

This course is a comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step lecture that will cover the Zygomatic Implant Surgical and presurgical planning, surgical procedures, and protocols including multiple techniques commonly utilized to place and restore these implants.

Join Dr. Dan Holtzclaw as he presents the most comprehensive course ever given on pterygoid implants. During this presentation, Dr. Holtzclaw will review the following:

  • The rationale for pterygoid implants in full-arch immediate loading
  • Pertinent anatomy for the safe placement of pterygoid implants
  • Surgical technique for the successful placement of pterygoid dental implants
  • Prosthetic restoration of pterygoid dental implants
  • Many sample cases of pterygoid implants used in full arch immediate loading


Dr. Mike Pham will be teaching the digital workflow using PiC photogrammetry, exocad design, and all Noris implant restorations will be printed in the office using the Envisiontec printer.The uniqueness of this course is that we also teach the entire digital restorative workflow.


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