Christmas cruise

05-12 January, 2018 | Singapore

Allow yourself a luxurious cruise

Join the celebration of the birthday of Noris Medical in a luxurious Christmas cruise.
3 countries for 1 trip: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia.
Enjoy the atmosphere, beautiful views and really useful lectures.
What you value so much: rich entertainment and training programs, fitness centers, swimming pools, 3-tier theater, ice shows, 15 bars, restaurants, night clubs, sports bar, of course shopping, and much more await you on board Liner Mariner of the Seas 5 *.

General information

It can be no exaggeration to say that the 17-deck superb ship of the Voyager class is the owner of all those iconic ship features.
The company Royal Caribbean, which is so appreciated by passengers.

Conquer the sheer wall of the climbing wall, try your hand at the basketball court, ice skating rink or mini-golf course, stroll along the Royal.
Promenade (Royal Promenade), with its parades, dances and amazing duty-free shops – all this is possible on the liner Mariner of The Seas.
The street under the glass dome is the Royal Promenade.
A promenade along the whole liner with many restaurants, lounge bars and boutiques is rightfully considered the main miracle of the liner. The Royal Promenade is four decks high, on the first two floors of which there are numerous cafes and bars, and on the third there are cabins for guests.

January 5, 2018. Singapore.
Departure 17:00

The most fascinating, modern and dynamic city-state of the planet is Singapore.
It is with him that our royal journey begins with you.
«Marina Bay Sands» in Singapore As if descended from illustrations to fantasy novels, the hotel «Marina Bey Sands «so harmoniously blended into the urban landscapes of Singapore, as if it appeared simultaneously with the city and always towered on this spot. This strange miracle miracle resembles a ship.
One of the greatest concentration of attractions is the island of Sentosa.
Gardens by the Bay is an amazingly beautiful park complex built in Singapore on the shore of Marina Bay in the central district of the city.
A huge park area of 101 hectares, which consists of three huge gardens: East, South and Central. This garden boasts 225 thousand plants from different continents, water Gardens, greenhouses, swimming pools, waterfalls, as well as an unusual alley, consisting of 18 giant trees Supertrees Grove.

January 6, 2018. Kuala Lumpur.
Arrival 7:00 – Departure 18:00

Meet the most «green» capital of Asia! Despite the abundance of ultramodern buildings, the presence of ancient temples, monuments, trickling green avenues, the image of Kuala Lumpur is striking.
The oldest mosque in the country, Masjid Janek, is unique, the Jam and Masjid Negara mosques are no less spectacular. The religious map of the city is successfully complemented by the oldest, huge Hindu temple of Sri Mahariyaman.
It is impossible to look away from the «double» skyscraper of the world – Petronas Towers.
Complementing the image of the city is an amazing Hindu temple in limestone caves, Lake Garden, landscaped Temple Park, Wild Birds Park, Garden Orchids.

January 7, 2018. Penang.
Arrival 9:00 – Departure 18:00

Penang is the main resort area of Malaysia. The symbol of the island is the Penang Bridge, which is officially recognized as the third longest bridge in the world.
Penang Island is a set of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, theme parks, caves and grottos. Enjoy a panorama of all this abundance from the observation deck on the mountain, which gave the island a name.
You should take a stroll in the Chinatown, touch the luck of the «miraculous» cannon «Seri Rambai», look into the «big house» Hu Kongsi.
There is its own temple of Kuan Yin Teng and the Anglican Church of St. George.

January 8, 2018. Langkawi.
Arrival 7:00 – Departure 18:00

Langkawi is the largest of dozens of tiny islets scattered among the clear sea waters and framed by white sandy beach rings.
After the skeleton was declared a duty-free zone in the second half of the last century, a lot of luxury hotels appeared here, Shopping and entertainment centers, yacht clubs. Today Langkawi is one of the most fashionable resorts in the country, where the connoisseurs of beach Rest from around the world. This is not the cheapest place in Malaysia, but the service here is at the highest level. Rest on Langkawi will satisfy even the most The discerning tourist. In addition, here the local nature, in the beauty of which it is not possible not to fall in love, will make you forget about the cost of the trip in the first the minutes of staying at this resort.

January 9-10, 2018. Phuket
Arrival 7:00 – Departure 17:00

Phuket is not in vain today is the status of one of the most popular resorts in Thailand. In addition to the tender sea and snow-white beaches, there are many interesting sights that will make your stay truly unforgettable.
Big Buddha in Phuket.
In Thailand, figures of the Great Buddha meet Practically in all large churches. They can not be overlooked because of the huge size. In Phuket, the statue rises at an altitude of almost 0.5 km and is easily visible from different parts of the island.
Wat Chalong Temple.
In Phuket, there are more than 30 Buddhist temples, but the most famous, perhaps, is the temple of Wat Chalong.
Still remains a mystery in what year it was built, but if you believe the surviving writings, the temple of Wat Chalong is not less than 150 years old.

Training Schedule
Sharing useful ideas in a «round table» format


Discover your hidden prospects, unexpected directions and sources of success


The cruise price includes:
– port fees, government taxes (taxes) and tips;
– accommodation in the cabin of the selected category for the entire cruise period;
– meals on board, starting from dinner on the first day and ending with breakfast on the last day (daily: breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffet – around the clock);
– water, coffee, tea, juices, ice cream in a self-service restaurant;
– all recreational activities on board;
– cocktails and sparkling wine during the captain’s reception and gala evening;
– Visiting all public spaces of the ship (including swimming pools, gym, sports grounds, sauna, Turkish bath);
– services of educators for children in mini-clubs;
– fitness classes and the help of an instructor in the gym;
– transportation of luggage in the ports of the beginning and end of the cruise;
– use of floating craft for boarding and disembarkation in ports where the ship does not approach the pier.

Additional paid:
– Flight;
– accommodation in a hotel with a swimming pool on the roof (Marina Bay Sands 5 *);
– shore excursions;
– casino, video games, telephone, internet;
– drinks in the restaurant of the ship during suppers and dinners, drinks in bars;
– shopping in stores on board;
– Laundry, ironing, medical center, hairdresser’s, beauty salon;
– massage, SPA-procedures, etc.;
– transfers to / from the place of the beginning of the cruise, from / to the hotel, from / to the airport;
– visa registration (electronically).

For questions about participation in the program, contact your local Noris
representative or the central office of the
TELEPHONE SERVICE: +972-73-796-4477

It is also possible to write by e-mail:
[email protected]

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