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Noris Digital provides complete workflow for your surgical guides so you can get
the easiest solution to a beautiful smile.
Noris offers flexible and customized service that helps grow and develop your practice.
The digital solution provides more efficiency by reducing chair-time with immediate treatment surgical protocol.
The digital workflow will increase your confidence in implant placement
with more predictable results using advanced premium dental instumentation combined with guided surgery.
Simply make it easier for you!

We can make is easy!

Noris deploys the most advanced digital solutions available today in the field of dental implants, in order to streamline and optimize the complete implant procedure: from first assessment, consulting to practices and laboratories, and building the and-guiding prosthetic tools, to conducting the procedure successfully.

Our motto is maximum data sharing and collaborative planning, and execution.

We strive to digitize the entire implant process with a focus on creating seamless communication between the practitioner, the laboratory, and ourselves:


With our CAD/CAM scan abutments, practitioners and Technicians can conduct highly accurate scanning of the implant position and orientation.
The scan is then transferred digitally to design software that translates it to our corresponded Ti-Bases.


Noris collaborates with leading Implant planning software, sharing its digital libraries so practices and laboratories worldwide can localize 3D printing of surgical guides with our implants.


Our digital department developed a unique and patented EZgoma®, Zygomatic Guided System, designed for bone support, as well as our EZguide®, advanced guided surgery for traditional implantology, designed for tooth and/or tissue support.

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Simple & smart

When quality service and knowledge meet: Effortless communication with a new level of collaboration

Cutting-edge technology with precision performance

Customized deployment with Worldwide distribution

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