Infected and broken canine – Extraction Graft and Implants

clinical case
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Performed by Dr. Michael Katzap

Lower left infected and fractured canine. Medial perio defect. Extraction with a magnetic mallet, placement of Noris Tuff – pro implant and graft with autogenous bone and Augma bond Apatite.

  • The choice of the Tuff-pro for the placement into the socket takes advantage of the implant’s 2.2mm machined collar. It allows placement in uneven ridges or as herein uneven socket walls.
  • The space around the implant is grafted with autogenous bone harvested during the osteotomy and is covered by Bond Apatite bone great cement.
  • At the medial aspect the machined collar will support the soft tissue ensuring the serviceability of the implant.

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clinical case
Performed by Prof. Ziv Mazor (Periodontist) & Dr. Shlomi Lederman (Maxillofacial Surgeon)

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