EZgoma® guided surgery for zygomatic implants

clinical case
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Recorded Webinar by dr. Francesco Gallo; dr. Francesco Zingari

The EZgoma® guided surgery for zygomatic implants stands for one of the most groundbreaking systems on the dental world stage. The EZgoma® system, combined with the digital workflow, guides drills, and implants alike to the correct site in accordance with the case planning, allowing the clinician to achieve excellent results in a predictable and systematic way. Just like the traditional guided surgery, also with EZgoma® the case planning is based on a prosthetic project that orientates the correct implant positioning.

more Clinical cases

clinical case
Performed by Prof. Ziv Mazor (Periodontist) & Dr. Shlomi Lederman (Maxillofacial Surgeon)

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