EZgoma® / EZguide® – A Guided Surgery Procedure – Maxilla Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the Atrophic Mandible Utilizing All on X protocol using Tuff Implants

Full Arch Reconstruction using Pterygoids Implants and Bilateral Sinus Elevation

EZgoma® – EZguide™ | A Guided Surgery Procedure | Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rescue Restoration with Noris Medical PteryFit and Tuff Implants

Live Surgery Session 2 – Immediate Loading utilizing the All-on-X Concept

Live Surgery Session 1 – Immediate Loading utilizing the All-on-X Concept

Repair Sinus Perf and Lack of Buccal Plate

Extraction and cystectomy revealed sinus communication. The communication was closed with Augma bone graft cement an...

Immediate replacement of fractured lateral incisor with Noris Tuff

I only flapped the palate for better visualization Careful use or piezo around the pilot hole ( the bur was insid...

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