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Webinar: Immediate restorations with Noris Medical Dental implant solutions with Dr. Dirk Mankow

Webinar: “EZgoma® guided surgery for zygomatic implants – with dr. Francesco Gallo; dr. Francesco Zingari

Live Implant Lecture: “Take it Easy with Mono Implants” with Prof. Dr. Johnson Raja

Webinar: “Atrophic Ridge Reconstruction Using All on X Protocol” with Prof. Ziv Mazor

Webinar: Immediate loading implant techniques using PTERYGOID AND CORTICAL IMPLANTS with Dr. Shlomo Birshan, DMD

Live Webinat: “Prospects with Noris Medical implants” with Dr. Dirk Mankow

Live Webinar: “REDUCTION OF CROSS CONTAMINATION RISK” with Dr. Mara Pasquandrea

Live Webinar: “Complications Associated with Maxillary Full Arch Procedures​” with Dr. Petrungaro

Live Webinar: Dummies Guide to Immediate Load​ with Ilya Benjamin

Live Webinar: The Zygomatic Implantology – Digital Guided Implant – Prosthetic Design with Dr. Alessandro Bolzoni /Francesco Zingari /Francesco Gallo

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