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Clinical Case: “Mono Implant: One-Piece implant for immediate loading!” Performed by Michael Katzap, DDS

NORIS Medical EZguide™ – Advanced Guided Surgery for Traditional Implantology

Clinical Case – EZguide™ – A Guided Surgery Procedure – Mandible Reconstruction & Delayed Loading | Performed by Dr.Fadi Obeid

Clinical Case – Noris Tuff and Augma Bone Apatite Malpositioned Canine Removal by Michael Katzap, DDS

Webinar “Restoration of atrophic ridges with immediate loading – what’s new” with Dr. Omri Rudberg

Webinar: Implant Planning A Guide from Start to Finish for a Simple Cases with Dr. Kunal Shah

Clinical Case: “Immediate Loading with Noris Tuff TT” | Surgery by Fabio Manuel Filannino, DDS

Clinical Case: “History of Anterior Trauma: Cystectomy and GBR with Augma + Bioxclude, Noris Medical TUFF Implants.” Performed by Michael Katzap, DDS

Clinical Case: “Reconstruction of the Atrophic Mandible Utilizing All-on-X Protocol”. Performed by Prof. Ziv Mazor, Periodontist

Clinical Case: “Cracked root – EXO AUGMA NORIS TUFF” | Performed by Michael Katzap, DDS

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