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Clinical Case: “Greater palatine canals anatomy complication- why Zygo is the ultimate solution?” by Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, DDS MS

Webinar: “All-On-X” Protocol Own concepts through the ages, from prosthetic planning to implantological success” with Dr. Dirk Mankow | Webinar Language: German

Pterygoid Placement Demo by Dr. Holtzclaw

Full Arch Case of severe Atrophic Maxilla using the EZgoma® – Zygomatic Guided Technology

Webinar “Restoration of atrophic ridges with immediate loading – what’s new” with Dr. Omri Rudberg

Webinar: Implant Planning A Guide from Start to Finish for a Simple Cases with Dr. Kunal Shah

Webinar: “Surgical Techniques – Principles in Flap Design & Wound Closure” with Dr. Sunkanmi Olaore

Guided Pterygoid Implants using the EZgoma® Technology | Surgery by Dr. Jameel Biadsy

Webinar: “EZgoma® guided surgery for zygomatic implants – with dr. Francesco Gallo; dr. Francesco Zingari

Clinical Case: “Rescue Restoration with Noris Medical PteryFit and Tuff Implants” by dr. Fabrizio Grivetto

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