Immediate success with immediate loading

The ability to immediately place and load an implant following an extraction represents a tremendous benefit to the patient and clinician.

Reduction in Time-to-Teeth

Implanting immediately after extraction saves the patient both time and clinic visits, by far the main requirements coming from dental patients. No less important, since the dentist loads the implant with a temporary crown, an immediate load procedure can also eliminate the patient’s time without a tooth.

Increased Success Rates

Research has repeatedly shown that immediate loading under the right conditions improves the success rate of implants. It also helps speed up all other benefits associated with dental implants: preventing tissue and bone loss, preserving the patient’s ability to chew, digest, and speak; and improving their overall oral health and psychological wellbeing. Recent research has even shown a connection between the preservation of mastication by dental implants and maintaining mental capacity.
Reduction in overall treatment time, Immediate loading lowers the overall treatment time per patient, both in visits and in overall treatment and consultation; freeing the practitioner to treat more patients. This is truly a win-win situation for both the patient and the practitioner.

Positioning the Practitioner as a Unique Clinician

Immediate loading is yet to become a commonplace procedure. It is even less common in special cases, such as loss to supportive tissue and bone (as in atrophic maxilla). Yet innovative new implants such as the Noris Medical Zygomatic implants enable immediate loading in complex clinical conditions, and in placing implants for bridges and dentures. Providing immediate loading for these clinical conditions expands the range of your practice and positions you as an advanced clinician with unique and exclusive treatment options.

Reduction in Surgical Intervention

In cases where there are soft tissue and bone loss, immediate loading presents even more dramatic benefits for the patients. Previously, the patient had to undergo bone grafting, which involves surgery and a waiting period of months for the bone to regenerate in order to support an implant. Now this costly and lengthy process can be eliminated, and with it also possible surgical complications, discomfort, a long waiting time, and costs.


Immediate loading is an exciting technique that opens new possibilities for both patients and dental surgeons. Contact Noris Medical to learn more about our innovative immediate loading solutions, including our Zygomatic implants for atrophic maxilla, which can dramatically expand your range of solutions and considerable benefits to your patients.

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