Clinical Case: “Repair Sinus Perf and Lack of Buccal Plate” | Surgery by Michael Katzap, DDS

Clinical Case – Repair Sinus Perf and Lack of Buccal Plate

Surgery by Michael Katzap, DDS

68 year old female presented with failing tooth-supported bridge at the left maxilla. The exam revealed a fractured second premolar root with a chronic periradicular infection.

  • Extraction and cystectomy revealed sinus communication. The communication was closed with Augma bone graft cement and the area was grafted with biphasic calcium sulfate / HA ( Augma bond apatite).
  • After seven months of healing ( due to COVID quarantine) two Noris Medical Tuff implants were placed using osseodensification drilling protocol.
  • The triple spiral aggressive thread of the Tuff allowed excellent clinical stability. The implants were restored four months after placement.


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