One-day surgery with immediate implants and loading by Dr. Kaplansky, PLLC with the exceptional “Zygomatic and Pterygoid and Tuff implants” by Noris Medical

Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, PLLC


76 yo male patient presented with a chief complaint “I can’t eat and I hate my smile” he had 3 consults with other dentists but didn’t like their treatment options that included upper full denture and lower partial denture with crowns and root canals. Months in treatment and multiple appointments.

The patient loved the idea of one-day surgery with immediate implants and loading.

Due to large pneumatized sinuses, Zygomatic and PteryFit implants were used in addition to conventional Tuff implants.

Excellent torque was achieved on all fixtures and they were loaded with a 3D punted fixed provisionals. After 3 months of healing, final zirconia appliances will be fabricated.


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